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  Consumer electronics
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  Personal computers
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How do I become a service provider?
The best place to start is by completing our online form. Let us know what products and/or services you can provide and where you can provide them. A Service Recruiter will contact you to review the requirements and answer any questions you may have.

What requirements must I meet?
You must carry the required licenses pertaining to your state, area and expertise. Additional insurance and a clean background screen may be required based on the services provided.

What insurance do I need to carry?
Your company must carry general liability and worker's compensation insurance. In some cases, automobile liability insurance must be carried as well. The appropriate Assurant company should be listed as the certificate holder on each policy.

Is there a fee to join your network?
No. Joining our network is free of charge.

How does my business get identified for a service call?
Once you become an authorized service provider, you will be assigned a unique Service ID. That ID is identified in our system by the products you service, your manufacturer authorizations, along with the service area you cover. This is completely flexible and maintained through the Service Recruitment team by you.

How many service calls will I receive?
The Assurant companies currently have over 56 million active contracts across the United States and Puerto Rico. The repair volume you will receive is directly related to the active contracts in your area, along with the number of existing preferred providers available. Once your Service ID is created and requirements are met, you are immediately eligible to receive service calls.

How will I receive service calls from Assurant?
Service authorizations are available one of three ways:

  • Receive an electronic file
  • E-mail to the address of your choice
  • Fax

Each notification will include the customer's contact information, product covered and details pertaining to the product's failure. It will be labeled with an authorization number unique to this service need, which can be used to reference anytime you contact us regarding this claim.

Why Assurant? Why me?
A partnership in the Assurant network:

  • Guarantees immediate eligibility to receive service calls upon approval of your profile
  • Ensures an expansion of your customer base
  • Encourages customer referrals
  • Bears no impact on your advertising expenses since there is no network sign up fee
  • Exposes you to more products as well as the clients that sell them
  • Offers hassle-free service authorizations and invoice processing through a paperless system


How do I submit an invoice for completed work?
Electronically. We have various methods of receiving your invoice electronically and by submitting electronically we can ensure a faster payment turnaround time.

How can I ensure I will be paid?
Your payment will be issued upon submission of a completed invoice containing our unique authorization number and a breakdown of authorized repairs completed within 60 days of service.

How much can I charge for my repair work?
Your designated Service Recruiter will work with you to establish an acceptable rate structure.

Will I collect anything from the customers?
In most cases, the Assurant companies cover payment for the entire repair. For the cases where a customer-paid deductible is necessary, the service authorization will specify the amount to be billed to the customer.

Who can I call?
Your Service Recruitment team is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm EST at 1-877-881-8578 (option 2).